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St Teresa of Kolkata is a Catholic Primary school opening in January 2024. St Teresa is the fourth school in the St James the Apostle, Hoppers Crossing Parish and is located in Tarneit North

The school caters for students from Grades Foundation to Grade 6.  The school is being  built in stages, and enrolment capacity will increase as the infrastructure is developed.

Our vision is that St Teresa of Kolkata will be a place where every child will succeed and feel nurtured and safe. We work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that there is a caring, supportive network around each and every student.

St Teresa of Kolkata Catholic Primary school is named in recognition of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. We honour the missionary service that she based her life’s work upon. Mother Teresa was an Albanian-Indian Catholic nun who founded the Missionaries of Charity. Born in Skopje, she moved to Ireland at the age of 18 and later to India where she lived most of her life. The Missionaries of Charity care for the marginalised and the poor across many countries.

Mother Teresa was canonised in 2016 and her feast day is September 5th.

The planning for the new school predominately began in 2022. Land was purchased in Caddy Road, Tarneit North with the intention to build a Catholic Primary school that would educate up to 550 students in the future years. The school is the 4th school within the vibrant St James the Apostle Parish, Hoppers Crossing, under the guidance of Father Jude Pirotta.

The school is opening in four stages, the first stage opens in January 2024 and offers education to students in Grades Foundation to Grade 6. Enrolments opened at the beginning of 2023 and there was a great enthusiasm for the new school. We have the capacity to enrol between 150-170 students in the first stage.

Stage 1 includes:

  • Flexible General Learning Areas
  • A spacious sacred space for gathering
  • A welcoming administrative space
  • Well-equipped specialist learning areas
  • Play spaces
  • Adventure play area
  • Landscaping

Ultimately, the school will consist of three double-storey buildings, including landscaped gardens, a basketball court, soccer field, playgrounds and open spaces for the students to play. Each building will have a specific purpose and these include classroom spaces, open areas, specialist areas as well as designated office spaces and staff rooms. It is anticipated that the buildings will be joined by covered areas so that students can move between them irrespective of weather. Each double-storey building will also have a lift, enabling all staff, students and parents access.

St Teresa of Kolkata Primary school offers a broad curriculum, ensuring that all children have the tools to succeed.

Religious Education holds a central place in the curriculum at St Teresa of Kolkata Primary school, as it reflects, celebrates and promotes our Catholic identity. The primary source for developing our Religious Education program will be the Religious Education Curriculum Framework, developed by our governing body MACS. The school also offers extracurricular subjects such as Physical Education, Languages other than English, Art and Science. Other extracurricular activities will be added to the curriculum as the school continues to grow.

We work tirelessly as a school to ensure that St Teresa of Kolkata, Tarneit North is a valued and prominent part of the Tarneit community!

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