Student Wellbeing

Following the example set by St Teresa of Kolkata, we will ensure that every person that walks through our doors, is treated with respect and celebrated for the unique gifts they bring to our school family.

As part of our Wellbeing vision, we aim to foster social and emotional health through modelling what positive relationships look like and the strategies we need to help build partnerships.

Through a whole-school approach we will raise awareness of what makes students resilient, develop strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and increase coping skills. Student Wellbeing at St Teresa of Kolkata Catholic Primary School will be enhanced when students feel connected, have positive and respectful relationships and are confident with their social and emotional skills.

The connection between the promotion of wellbeing and positive learning outcomes is clear. Research related to health and wellbeing shows that schools are important environments for the promotion of wellbeing in children and young people.

St Teresa of Kolkata Primary School will give priority to establishing a safe and supportive school environment where positive relationships are targeted in policy, programs and practices.

We need your help to achieve these goals.

The school should be notified early of any concerns regarding your child’s health, including sight, hearing, behavioral, learning or social-emotional problems, in order that provisions may be taken to assist your child’s welfare in the school setting. The school will assist parents with referrals to a range of services including assessment and counselling.

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