Our Logo

The logo of St Teresa of Kolkata, consisting of a cross, the praying hands of St Teresa and a dove with a sprig of foliage, represents the core values of the Catholic faith and the school’s commitment to fostering spiritual growth and academic excellence.

The cross symbolises the sacrifice and love of Jesus Christ and represents the school’s mission to instil these values in its students. The praying hands of St Teresa illustrate the importance of prayer and reflection in the Catholic faith. They are synonymous with St Teresa, whose healing hands were well known because she used them to physically care for and comfort those in need. The dove with a sprig of foliage is a symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit, representing growth and new life and reflects the school’s dedication to providing students with a nurturing environment where they can develop academically, socially, and spiritually.

The logo of St Teresa of Kolkata recognises St Teresa and her order. It signifies the school’s dedication to nurturing the spiritual lives of its students and illustrates the school’s commitment to creating a harmonious, caring and inclusive community where students feel safe and supported.

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